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Graduated in graphic arts, born in Paris of Spanish origin, Romain Garcia has always drawn from his numerous influences, whether cultural or artistic.
DJ since he’s 15 years old and fan of techno, especially melodic, he sent a demo to Ben Böhmer during the quarantine, who immediately hooks on his soaring style, full of exotic sounds, of triturated voices samples, plated on hypnotic and dancing rhythms.

This artistic crush led to a collaboration : that’s how was born "Cappadocia", the first track of Romain Garcia released on Cercle Records in 2020, already accumulating 9 million streams.
The single "White Flag" was released afterwards, on the German label Ton Topferei.
Recently spotted by the management of NTO, who Romain is sharing a lot of dates with, he is now preparing to release his first EP, "Syamo".